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Continuous Mobile Services for Healthcare

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Mobile Healthcare Solution - A Life Less Limited

The mobility of chronically ill people, or those living with a condition that needs regular monitoring, is often limited. Their lives are planned around hospital visits, check ups and overnight stays. Many feel insecure when they are away from their healthcare providers and worry about risks to their health.

On the other hand, the economic and social burden of healthcare is weighing heavily on governments, healthcare providers and citizens, particularly as Europeans age. HealthService24 provides one solution to the challenges ahead.

HealthService24 aims at realizing the mobile health dream. The project partners have developed an innovative mobile healthcare system that supports patientsí and health professionalsí mobility, increases patientsí quality of life and reduces healthcare costs.

The overall project results are very promising and strengthened the commitment of the partners. Where as the project ended on September 2006 (with the EC rating "Excellent"), the project partners are now busy with their own deployment activities.

Read more about the project and the deployment plans!
A commercial solution is by the way already available!
* HealthService24 Final Project Report


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