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Healthservice 24

HealthService 24 (eTEN-517352)

Continuous Mobile Services for Healthcare


Benefits of the service

Shortly summarized, the benefits of the HealthService24 are the following:

  • Increased quality of life for patients/ users resulting from
    1. Patientsí mobility and thus ability to have a normal life style
    2. Reduced time to provide assistance (due to the instant availability of the vital signals data to the medical personnel)
  • Access to healthcare for patients leaving in remote areas

  • Increased quality of healthcare (personalized care, as the monitoring system can be customized to individual health needs)

  • Cost efficiency of health care

Both patients and health care professionals will use the HealthService24 services. Patients will be able to stay mobile and have a fairly normal lifestyle while being constantly monitored. This will increase from one side their feeling of safety and comfort while from the other side allow them to obtain health advice by experts at any moment. Constant monitoring is especially important in case of chronic and high-risk patients such as e.g. patients discharged early from hospital after a surgery and high-risk pregnant women that require constant monitoring. These patients today are often hospitalised for long periods, resulting in high hospital costs and moral degradation. The HealthService24 will enable them not to stay at a hospital, increasing their feeling of comfort and safety and at the same time reducing the health care costs resulting from occupation of a hospital bed and all related costs.

The cost reduction aspect makes the service potentially interesting for health insurance companies and governmental institutions paying for medical services.

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